Love Letter

Love Letter is a game of cunning, deduction and treachery... all in the name of romance. Notable for having only 16 cards in its deck, and only 1-2 cards in a player's hand at any time, there's a remarkable amount of bluffing, deduction and luck that emerges from this tiny package.

Each card in the deck represents an individual in the castle, with a number marking how highly ranked they are and an action that must be taken if they're discarded. Each these courtly characters has a strategic role to play; the trick is all in the timing. The Priest gives you a peek at another's card, the Handmaid protects you from harm, the Guard lets you eliminate an opponent if you can name the card they hold. Thus even drawing the highest ranked Princess can be your downfall, if another player catches on. While there’s a fair bit of luck involved, the game is exceedingly well balanced and involves enough bluffing, card counting and people-reading to keep you interested.